Open Source
Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Tired of planning your production in Excel?

Get your planning process out of it!

FrePPLe is designed to help mid-market and growing companies bring their production scheduling and planning processes to the next level.

One of its kind, frePPLe is the world’s most advanced open-source community dedicated to building an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tool.

100% Open Source

FrePPLe is available for Windows and Linux. Download or fork on GitHub.   The full source code is available under the Affero Gnu Public License (AGPL).


FrePPle is a flexible framework built on a robust, scalable, and secure stack of open-source software: Python, PostgreSQL, Django, and Linux. Simply add modular plugins to support complex planning processes.


User forum

Address the community and post your questions on our user forum.

Generate finite-capacity production plans and schedules constrained by staff and material availability, lead time, and resource capacity.

Deliver on time

Analyze and anticipate causes for lateness.

Prioritize your best customers. 


Anticipate and resolve bottlenecks.

Reduce setup times.


Get rid of the copy-pasting in spreadsheets.

Generate accurate plans fast.

Compare What-if Scenarios

Compare different versions of your plan.

Evaluate the impact of rush orders, machine breakdowns, or overtime.