Release notes

4.3.4 (2018/06/08)

Forecasting (Enterprise & Cloud Editions)

  • The forecast error used in frePPLe is SMAPE. This has a counter intuitive property that provides values in the range from 0% to 200%.
    We redefine the SMAPE metric now to half the previous value to give a more intuitive range between 0% and 100%. See for the alternate definitions of SMAPE.
  • Forecast report is now also showing the cumumlative backlog of the orders and forecast, i.e. the demand that is planned later than its due date.

Production planning

  • The plan editor now automatically initializes the Gantt chart rows and the color codes for the item and operation category and subcategory values.
    Personalized configurations are preserved, and the new logic is only used to initialize the screen with new values.
  • Added new reports purchase order summary and distribution order summary to summarize the purchase orders or distribution orders per time bucket.

  • For consistency with the previous change, the operation report is renamed to manufacturing order summary.


  • Extended the exporttofolder command to export additional plan results into CSV or Excel files.

  • The data type of all numeric fields is changed from 15 digits with 6 decimals to 20 digits with 8 decimals. This allows a larger range of numbers to be accurately represented in the database.

  • The remote web commands API now supports user authentication with JSON Web Tokens to launch tasks, download data and upload data.

4.3.3 (2018/05/03)

Forecasting (Enterprise & Cloud Editions)

  • Bug fix: In some bucket definitions, the forecast consumption was not consuming from later buckets.

Inventory planning (Enterprise & Cloud Editions)

  • Ability to control the priority of a business rule

  • Bug fix: simulation capability in the Inventory Planning report not working when there are multiple forecasts for a single item+location forecasts.

Production planning

  • Solver performance optimization where there are availability calendars. The plan generation time can be reduced with a factor 3 to 4 in some models.

  • Solver enhancements for planning with setup matrices.

  • Solver optimization to handle infinite buffers more efficiently.

  • Bug fix: Compilation error with Python 3.6

Odoo connector

  • Correction to maintain a single root hierarchy.

Openbravo integration (Enterprise & Cloud Editions)

  • Bug fix: sales order mapping incorrectly used the document status.

  • Log file of the connector now accessible in the user interface

4.3.2 (2018/03/19)

Forecasting (Enterprise & Cloud Editions)

  • Internal refactoring of the forecastplan table.

Inventory planning (Enterprise & Cloud Editions)

  • When defining the ROQ period of cover for an item with the global_purchase flag set to true, the forecast is now based on the total demand for the item (rather than only the local demand).
    Note that the safety stock calculation remains based on the local demand for the item.

Production planning

  • New operationmaterial policy ‘transfer_batch’ which allows material production or consumption in a number of batches of fixed size at various moments during the total duration of the operationplan.
    A new field operationmaterial.transferbatch is introduced.
  • A new field ‘end items’ is added to the manufacturing order, purchase order and distribution orders screens. It is similar to the ‘demands’ which shows the demands.

  • Solver enhancements for planning with setup matrices.


  • Bug fix: backward compatibility after command renaming in 4.3.

Third party components

  • Upgrade to PostgreSQL 10. PostgreSQL 9.5 and 9.6 remain fully supported.

4.3.1 (2018/02/17)

Production planning

  • Solver engine improvements to reduce resource setup changeovers (Enterprise & Cloud Editions)

  • New step to make the initial work-in-progress data feasible. (Enterprise & Cloud Editions) Constraints are resolved by delaying approved manufacturing orders to feasible dates. Confirmed manufacturing orders aren’t changed during the new pre-planning step.

Forecasting (Enterprise & Cloud Editions)

  • Ability to display only 2 dimensions in the forecast editor screen.

  • Performance improvements in the export of results.

  • Improved & more intuitive values when entering forecast overrides at different levels in the hierarchies.

Bug fixes

  • The autofence now also considers approved supply, and not only confirmed supply.

  • Excel files with some non-standard internal structure are now also recognized.

  • Work-in-progress operationplans with quantity 0 are no longer rejected.


  • Command frepple_run is renamed to runplan.

  • Command frepple_runserver is renamed to runwebserver.

  • Command frepple_copy is renamed to scenario_copy.

  • Command frepple_importfromfolder is renamed to importfromfolder.

  • Command frepple_exporttofolder is renamed to exportfromfolder.

  • Command frepple_flush is renamed to empty.

  • Command frepple_backup is renamed to backup.

  • Command frepple_restore is renamed to restore.

  • Command frepple_simulation is renamed to simulation.

  • Command frepple_createbuckets is renamed to createbuckets.

  • Command frepple_createmodel is renamed to createmodel.

  • Command frepple_loadxml is renamed to loadxml.

  • Command frepple_runworker is renamed to runworker.