Command line

The frepplectl utility allows a wide range of different operations to be launched from the command line.


frepplectl subcommand [options] [args]

Type ‘ help <subcommand>’ for help on a specific subcommand.

The options will vary from command to command. There are a number of common options:

  • –database=DATABASE:
    Specifies which scenario database to run the command for. When left unspecified the command will run on the production database.
    The database names are defined in the Note that they can be different from the name of the database name configured in postgresql.
  • -v VERBOSITY, –verbosity=VERBOSITY:
    Verbosity level: 0=minimal output, 1=normal output, 2=all output.
  • -h, –help:
    Show a help message either showing all commands or help on a specific command.

The following commands are available.

A number of these commands are inherited from the excellent Django web application framework used by frePPLe. More details on the commands can be found on