Operation Type

Different operation types are available:

  • Fixed_time

    The duration of the operation is constant, regardless of the quantity being planned.

    A typical example is a transport operation: transporting 1 piece with a truck takes just as long as transporting 100 pieces.

  • Time_per

    The duration of the operation increases linearly with the planned quantity. The total duration takes the form of ‘A + B * quantity’, where A and B are constants.

    A typical example is a production operation: there is a fixed overhead of machine setup at the start, and the actual production is linear with the quantity to produce.

  • Alternate

    This operation type represent the choice between alternate operations to achieve the same result. Another cookbook recipe is dedicated to this.

  • Split (New in 2.2)

    This operation type plans the demand proportionally over a number of operations, based on pre-defined percentages.

  • Routing

    This operation type represent the sequence of operations that need to be run in sequence.

    The duration for the operation refers to available time. If the operation location has a calendar with the working hours and holidays, the time between the start and end date of an operationplan can be longer than the duration defined on the operation.


Excel spreadsheet operation-type

This example has a transport operation of type fixed_time and a production operation of type time_per.