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User preferences

For each user frePPle stores a number of personal settings and preferences.

  • Language:
    Specifies the language of the user interface.
    By default frePPLe will detect the preferred language of your web browser and use that.
    You can override this and force a particular language.
  • Page size:
    Number of records to fetch in a single page from the server.
    The default value is 100. Values lower than 25 are not accepted.
    Selecting a high value can slow down the display of the reports.
  • Theme:
    Theme for the user interface.
    If your system administrator has configured the system to support only a single theme (by editing the THEMES setting in the file), this option will not be available to the users.
  • Password:
    To change the password enter the current one and twice the new value.
User preferences