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Bucket dates

The bucket dates table defines individual time buckets in a bucket.

When populating this table make sure to respect the following simple guidelines:

  • For a given horizon name all dates need to belong to a single time bucket. It not okay to leave gaps between time buckets or have overlapping time bucket.
  • For a given horizon name the start date of a time bucket must be equal to the end date of the time bucket preceding it.
  • Make sure to cover a period that is long enough: enough periods in the past to cover the complete demand history you’ll be using for the forecast, and enough periods periods in the future to go beyond the furthest future date you want to see in the reports.

This table is typically updated only once a year. There is no point in doing this more frequently.

Field Type Description
bucket string References the bucket table.
name name Label for this time bucket in the user interface.
start date dateTime Starting date of the time bucket.
end date dateTime Ending date of the time bucket.