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Buckets are used to group time into smaller periods. The buckets are used for reporting, and also in the forecasting and inventory planning calculations.

Individual time buckets are defined in the bucket dates table.

You can define buckets and bucket dates in three different ways:

  • Use our standard time buckets. They can be loaded using the “load a dataset” feature in the execution screen - select “dates” from the list.
  • Use the “generate buckets” command from the “execution screen”.
  • You can upload your own time buckets from a CSV or Excel file.

This table is typically updated only once a year. There is no point in doing this more frequently.

Field Type Description
name string Unique name.
description string Free text description.
level integer
Hierarchical indication.
Higher numbers are used for detailed buckets, eg days.
Lower numbers are used for coarse buckets, eg years.