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Delivery orders

The table contains all deliveries planned for each sales order or forecast.

This table is populated with new proposed deliveries when frePPLe generates a plan. It is also possible to load deliveries that are already approved or confirmed in your ERP system.

Field Type Description
reference string
Unique identifier for the delivery order.
For approved or confirmed delivery orders that are imported from your ERP system this field should be populated with the identifier the ERP generated.
For delivery orders newly proposed by frePPLe, a unique numeric identifier will automatically be generated.
demand demand Name of the demand.
item item
Item being shipped to the customer.
This is normally the same as the item specified on the sales order, but we could also ship an alternate item.
customer customer
Customer of the sales order.
This is an export-only field.
quantity number Shipped quantity.
demand quantity number
Quantity of this demand.
This is an export-only field.
start date datetime Starting date of shipment, aka ex-works date.
end date datetime Planned delivery date at the customer.
due date datetime
Due date of the demand.
This is an export-only field.
delay duration Time difference between the end date of the delivery and the due date of the sales order.
status non-empty string
This field should have one of the following keywords:
proposed : The manufacturing order is proposed by frePPLe to meet the plan (optimization output).
approved : The manufacturing order is present in the ERP system but can still be rescheduled by frePPLe (optimization input).
confirmed : The manufacturing order is confirmed, it has been populated in your ERP system (optimization input).
closed : The manufacturing order has been completed.