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Sales orders

Defines independent demands for items.

These can be actual customer orders, or forecasted demands.

Field Type Description
name non-empty string
Unique name of the demand.
This is the key field and a required attribute.
description string Free format description.
category string Free format category.
subcategory string Free format subcategory.
owner demand
Demands are organized in a hierarchical tree.
This field defines the parent demand.
members list of demand
Demands are organized in a hierarchical tree.
This field defines a list of child demand.
quantity double Requested quantity.
item item Requested item.
batch string
Blank/unused for make-to-stock items.
For make-to-order items, it identifies the material batch that can be used to satisfy the demand. This field can be set to the sales order name (true make-to-order production), or it can be set an item attribute (eg color of the item).
location location
Requested shipping location.
This field can be left blank if there is only a single location in the model, or if a delivery operation is specified on the demand or the item.
due dateTime Due date of the demand.
priority integer
Priority of the demand relative to the other demands.
A lower number indicates higher priority.
The default value is 0.
operation operation
Operation to be plan to satisfy the demand.
When left unspecified, frePPLe will automatically create a delivery operation for the item and location combination.
customer customer Customer placing the demand.
status string Status of the demand. Possible values are “open” (default), “closed”, “canceled” and “quote”.
maxlateness duration
The maximum delay that can be accepted to satisfy this demand.
The default value allows a delay of 5 years.
Use a value of 0 in businesses where the customer will not accept a late delivery and cancel his order in such a case.
minshipment positive double
The minimum quantity allowed for the delivery orders that satisfy this demand.
If this field is not specified, we compute a default value as round_down(quantity / 10). This means that we allow the demand to be met only with at most 10 partial deliveries.
constraints list of problem
This field returns the list of reasons why the demand was planned late or short.
The field is export-only.
hidden boolean Marks entities that are considered hidden and are normally not shown to the end user.