An operation is a manufacturing operation consuming some items (a bill of material) to produce a new item. It also loads a number of resources during this process.

Key Fields

Field Type Description
name non-empty string Unique name of the operation.
duration duration Fixed operation time in seconds, independent of the units produced.
duration_per duration The operation time in seconds, per unit produced.
type non-empty string
Possible values : “time_per”, “fixed_time”, “routing”.
time_per : The operation duration is multiplied by the number of produced items. This is typical for manufacturing, producing three items takes three times the duration of producing one item.
fixed_time : The operation duration is fixed whatever the number of produced items is.
routing: This operation represents a sequence of step operations.
location location The location where the operation takes place.
owner operation
Refers to the routing operation of which this is a step.
Leave empty if this operation isn’t part of a routing.
priority integer
Sequence number of this operation in a routing.
Leave empty if this operation isn’t part of a routing.

Advanced topics