The Items table contains all the items that you want to manage in your supply chain.

Key Fields

Field Type Description
name non-empty string Unique name of the item.
description string Free format description.
cost number Cost or price of the item.
owner item name Hierarchical parent of the item.

Item hierarchy


Setting up a good item hierarchy is important if you are interested in the demand forecasting functionality. Otherwise, you can skip modeling an item hierarchy.

Using the owner field the items can be organized in a hierarhical tree structure. This allows, among other, reviewing the forecast at different levels in the Forecast editor.

Here is an example to model a tree structure with families and brands:

Example item hierarchy
Name Owner
All items  
Family 1 All items
Brand 1A Family 1
Brand 1B Family 1
Family 2 All items
Brand 2A Family 2
Brand 2B Family 2

Advanced topics

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