The Locations table contains the different locations included in your model. A location can be a warehouse, a distribution center, a factory, a shop…

Note that you don’t need to put in the location table your supplier or customer locations.

Key Fields

Field Type Description
name non-empty string Unique name of the location.
owner location name Hierachical parent of the location.

Location hierarchy


Setting up a good location hierarchy is important if you are interested in the demand forecasting functionality. Otherwise, you can skip modeling a location hierarchy.

Using the owner field the locations can be organized in a hierarhical tree structure. This allows, among other, reviewing the forecast at different levels in the Forecast editor.

Here is an example to model a tree structure with warehouses in multiple countries:

Example location hierarchy
Name Owner
All locations  
Belgium All locations
Warehouse 1 Belgium
France All locations
Warehouse 2 France
Warehouse 3 France

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