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Forecast report


This report is only available in the Enterprise Edition.

This report provides a convenient way to review and enter forecast numbers. When entering forecast numbers, the numbers will be disaggregated to the planning buckets.

Field Description
Forecast Name of the forecast
Item Forecasted item.
Customer Forecasted customer.
Location Forecasted location.
Total Orders Quantity of orders in the time bucket, includes both open and closed orders.
Open Orders Quantity of open orders in the time bucket.
Orders Adjustment
Manual adjustment added to the total order quantity.
This adjustment can be applicable for a) removing exceptional demand outliers from the demand history, or b) intializing the forecast for a new product with the demand history of a similar, existing product.
The forecast calculations add the order adjustment and the total orders as the demand history input for the calculation.
Forecast Baseline Statistical forecast generated by the system.
Forecast Override
Manual adjustment of the forecast.
If a value is entered in this row, it completely replaces the baseline forecast proposed by the system.
Forecast Total Sum of the baseline forecast and the forecast adjustment.
Forecast Net Forecast quantity not yet consumed by orders.
Forecast Consumed Forecast quantity already consumed by orders.
Planned Orders Quantity of orders planned in this time bucket.
Planned Net Forecast Quantity of net forecast planned in this time bucket.
Order backlog
Quantity of sales orders with a due date before the end of the bucket that will be shipped late.
This field is cumulative across all previous buckets.
Forecast backlog
Quantity of forecast that will be shipped late.
This field is cumulative across all previous buckets.
Backlog This is the sum of the order backlog and the forecast backlog.
Forecast report for a single item Forecast report as a graph Forecast report as a graph