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Inventory detail report

The report shows the details of all material production into and consumption from buffers.

Field Description
Buffer Buffer name.

Type of the operation:

  • MO: Manufacturing order
  • PO: Purchase order
  • DO: Distribution order
  • DLVR: Delivery of a sales order to a customer
  • STCK: On hand
Operation Name of the operation producing or consuming material.
Quantity Amount being produced (positive number) or consumed (negative number).
Date of the stock movement.
Inventory that is reported as onhand at the start of the plan will be shown with 1/1/1971 as date.
Onhand Available inventory in the buffer after this particular stock movement.
Boolean field indicating whether the operation is violating any material, lead time or capacity constraints.
This is very handy in interpreting unconstrained plans.
Indication of the urgency of the operation.
A criticality of 0 indicates that the operation is on the critical path of one or more demands.
Higher criticality values indicate a delay of the operation will not immediately impact the delivery of any demand.
A criticality of 999 indicates an operation that isn’t used at all to meet any demand.

Status of the operation:

  • proposed: newly proposed by the planning tool
  • approved: approved by the planner, but not yet launched in the ERP system
  • confirmed: ongoing transaction, controlled by the ERP system and not changeable in frePPLe
  • closed: operation has finished
Reference Reference of the manufacturing order, distribution order, purchase order or delivery ordre causing the inventory movement.
Inventory detail report