Data Admin
Framework for enterprise data applications

Tired of maintaining your enterprise data in Excel?

Get your data in a web application.
Deploy fast and agile!

Spreadsheets are everywhere in any company.

When your process grows beyond the limits of Excel, you need a tool that provide the same flexibility and can be implemented quick and agile.


Build low-code plugins to implement your data model and business logic. Get your application up and running in a few days.

Enterprise grade

Built on a proven scalable, reliable and secure stack of open source software: Django, Python, PostgreSQL and Linux.

100% Open Source

The full source code is available on GitHub


Rich data management capabilities

  • Intuitive edits in data grid 
  • Import data from spreadsheets
  • Export data to spreadsheets
  • Manage copies of your data in scenarios


  • Audit log of all changes
  • Leave comments
  • Create attachments
  • Follow objects and notify team members

Low-code platform

  • Modular structure with apps/plugins
  • Customizable look and feel for the user interface
  • Low learning curve
  • Python code to declare the data model, menus, views…


Built on the shoulders of giants

  • Uses Django, a very popular Python web application framework
    It provides:
    • ORM mapping between database and python code
    • Migrations for evolve database schemas between releases
    • Internationalization framework to support multi lingual applications
    • Unit test framework
    • Large developer community providing many addons
  • Uses PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source relational database.
    It provides:
    • A proven and reliable relational database backend
    • Ample community support