Odoo Connector

Boost Odoo ERP with advanced forecasting & planning capabilities.

Browser-based User Interface

The user interface supports all modern web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge.

Integrate with Excel, CSV files or JSON REST API

Upload data in Excel or CSV format, or use the JSON REST API to build advanced integration workflows.


Embed in Odoo application

Use a single sign-on and custom theme to seamlessly access frePPLe from Odoo.

Extension Modules

Extend frePPLe with your custom reports, data models, dashboards, and planning logic.

Open Source

The full source code of the Community Edition is available under the AGPL license.


Our user community contributes translations in Dutch, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Italian.

Tight integration

The connector imports data from Odoo and exports your planning results back to Odoo. Both user interfaces are integrated with a single sign-on and a common styling.

Support for Odoo 9-14

The integration fully supports odoo v9 through v14.

Easy Customization

Implemented as an Odoo add-on module, the connector can easily be tailored to fit your Odoo configurations and customizations.

Boost your Productivity

Data flow both ways between frePPLe and Odoo to free you from copying and pasting between spreadsheets.


Allocate your material and capacity intelligently to the most important demands.